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This is the Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro in the colour space grey. It is very lightweight as it only weighs 1.37 kg and is 15 mm thick. It has an amazing high quality retina display which is 67% brighter than the previous 2015 model. This is the first MacBook Pro to use the highly versatile USB-C port. It can be used for charging, file transfer, and video output through the use of adapters. This model features the latest 6th generation Intel i5 'Skylake' processor along with Intel Iris Pro Graphics which are 130% faster than the previous generation.

Product analYSIS

I chose this MacBook pro as it has a much better build quality than other competing companies such as windows. This laptop is great for students as it is lightweight, versatile and has a good battery life. I opted to get the MacBook pro without the touch bar rather than the one with the touch bar as the touch bar can drain battery life. The MacBook without the touch bar is also a bit cheaper than the one with a touch bar. The marketing and advertising of the products are very engaging and compelling. Product reviews also helped with choosing this laptop as I was able to see what people thought about it and if there are any problems. Overall, Apple is a very trustworthy company that many people use products from.

WHere to buy

I chose to buy the MacBook Pro from JB Hi-Fi as there is a student discount of 10% off of $2,199 rather than a $100 gift card you would get at the Apple Store. This makes it quite a lot cheaper at JB Hi-Fi than Apple. You also receive an extra year of warranty for free at JB Hi-Fi, 2 years instead of 1 year at apple.

PAyment of good

Two alternatives for payment are credits cards and debit cards. Credit cards allow you to earn interest on your money until you pay your bill. You can also pay for an expensive item and pay it off in instalments. However, if you do not pay off your debts within the interest-free periods, you can incur high interest charges. Debit cards are a bit different to credit cards. Debit cards use funds directly from your checking account, you cannot borrow money like you can with credit cards. However, it is very convenient as you do not need to make a credit card payment later. It also keeps you on budget as you can only spend the amount of money that is on your card. Debit cards are also a lot easier to get than a credit card. To buy this laptop I would use a debit card as it is not too expensive I would not need to borrow money from the bank. It is much more convenient to pay with a debit card so I would not need to pay it off later.

REsolving issues

Flowchart that shows how you should resolve your issue


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