holes luois sachar

My favorite character is zero his physical description is: he has hair laughing, is black skin, is short stature, he is thin and very timid. He is my favorite character because it is full of mysteries and although everyone believes it a fool is certainly very smart especially in mathematics even if he does not know how to read. He is very nice.
Hector Zeroni (Zero)
The conflict begins when Mr. Pendaski offends to zero telling him that he is a fool and insulting him in front of the other boys so zero gets angry and takes a shovel with which hits Mr. Pendaski and runs out of the camp no one grab something to look for it so is when Stanley feels bad and leaves the next day only to find it without knowing that it could happen. when Stanley found Zero he was very tired and thirsty but Stanley doesn't had nothing of the water. zero had found a drink very sweet with a flavor to peaches he named as Sploosh they thought if they should to back at the camp or If they should seek the great thumb of God. They wanted to keep on looking for the big thumb. After walking several hours they found a great mountain in the shape of a thumb they realized that if the big thumb existed they climbed several hours and at the end they found water and many sweet onions when recovering they refused to return to the camp lake green.
I think this story is very interesting and very mysterious as each page helps you to imagine every character or place that the book is about. I also like it very much because it is very interesting.
I definitely recommend this book as it is already full of mysteries and adventures plus it is full of adventures plus this story is very good and leaves a lot to say about every character and place as it is very exciting I think all people should read this book.

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