Travel Insurance What you should know before you decide!

While we are NOT Insurance Agents, we are required as Travel Consultants to offer you Travel Insurance and to educate you of the risks you take if you choose not to accept our offer.

There is no BETTER way to PROTECT the vacation dollars you've spent than by purchasing travel insurance. There are a whole lot of possibilities out there that can play havoc with your travel plans: flight delays, lost luggage or passports, medical emergencies, unforeseen evacuations, cancellations just to name a few! Travel Insurance can provide you complete peace of mind and reassurance that the money you've spent on your vacation are protected for an average cost of only a few dollars per Vacation Day.

Are YOU prepared to pay OUT OF POCKET for any medical care that you receive out of the country?

THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS DO NOT HAVE HEALTH CARE INSURANCE THAT IS EFFECTIVE OUTSIDE THE United States! It is worth noting that ALL ships of foreign registry are considered to be 'outside the United States' by Medicare; however, this point is not explained clearly in the Medicare Manual. Without medical coverage, travelers should be prepared to pay for ANY AND ALL care they require and to pay for it at the time of services!

Next to repatriating mortal remains, an extreme emergency requiring immediate evacuation while at sea is probably the most expensive circumstances travelers are not insured for. You could find yourself liable for tens of thousands of dollars and payable without delay!

You may be thinking that, well, that leaves you out; you aren't going on a cruise so, forget the insurance. If you purchased an airline ticket, you are still in dire need of protection. Do you know that 25% of ALL flights in the United States are late? And, that's on a good day! This can create a “domino” effect of missed flight connections and can even cause you to miss the departure of your cruise ship or tour. Oh, and let's not forget the issue of lost luggage! Lost luggage is just a 'fact of life' in today's airline travel.

Before You Say NO to Travel Insurance!

  1. Can you risk losing your vacation investment if something goes wrong due to illness, weather or other unforeseen circumstances?
  2. If you have to cut your trip short due to an emergency, can you afford the cost of a return airline trip home?
  3. Does your health insurance provide coverage away from home and out of the country? What if you become ill or are injured while traveling? What if you need to be AIRLIFTED?
  4. If your bags are lost or you have to spend an extra night because of weather-related problems, can you afford to buy necessities and pay for extra lodging?

If you cannot answer 'YES' to the above questions Travel Allure can offer you a Travel Insurance plan that will include ‘CANCEL FOR ANY REASON’!

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