Soul Surfer The Tale of a Girl Who Survived a Horrible Attack

Imagine, you are drifting on your surfboard waiting for the perfect wave. Everything is great. Blue skies, amazing waves. It seemed like nothing could go wrong. But for 13 year old Bethany Hamilton, this was the day that would change her life forever.

Bethany Hamilton and Alana Blanchard as kids
  • Attacked on October 31, 2003
  • Attacked by a 14 ft Tiger Shark
  • Found the shark later caught in fishing nets

One fateful day while surfing off the shore of her favorite beach, “Tunnels Beach,” on the North side of the island, she was viciously attacked by a tiger shark. People at first did not believe Bethany when she screamed for help. They thought she was just playing around. But when they saw blood in the water and Bethany struggling to swim to shore, they immediately took action.

Holt Blanchard, took off his surf leash and fastened a tourniquet (medical tool) to attempt to stop the bleeding.

By the time that she had gotten to the hospital, she had already lost over 60% of her blood.

"I don't need easy, I just need possible" -Bethany Hamilton

When Bethany was in the hospital, she was wondering one thing. When will she be able to surf again?

Bethany in the Hospital

With the help of her family, Bethany is able to get back on a board and compete. She kept practicing and practicing until she could surf.

She has started an organization called Friends Of Bethany, a non-profit organization that helps raise money for shark attack survivors and amputees. Bethany has gotten married and had a son. She enjoys traveling the world for surf events and promoting surfing.

Bethany is an amazing woman with extraordinary talents. She inspires girls and boys all over the world to never give up and persevere. She still continues to surf and is not afraid of the water. She will always be known as the Soul Surfer of the world.


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