andy warhol pop art Sloane Rainey

March 10- This class I chose my artist as Andy Warhol. I will design 6 sketches of his designs but make it original. I'm nervous for this project because it seems quite complicated. I designed 6 sketches and Mrs. McCall told me to change one and make it larger and add more boxes. So next class I will focus on creating my one sketch and improving it.

March 14-This class I got new inspiration for my sketches. I am going to show Mrs. McCall the new ones of bubble tape and camouflage. We made new ideas because the other ones didn't quite represent Andy Warhol or had much creativity. I need to make the full page sketches and get Mrs.McCall to approve them. I'm not quite sure what I will do for my 3rd full page sketch but I will figure out next class, because of the time.

March 20- This class I decieded to do camouflage on my cover page. I sketched then outlined with sharpie. I was contaplating the different colors to use to fill in the page. But, in the end I chose a light purple, pink, and light blue. I am starting to fill in and color my cover page, and will continue next class.

March 22- This class I colored in my whole cover page and I also cut it into two circles. After that I glued it on the back and cut slits in the paper and made 2 sturdy circle shapes. I am almost done but not quite yet. Next class I will finish cutting slits and ask Mrs.McCall for further instruction.

March 24-This class I finished cutting the slips and glueing them onto the circle shapes. I began drawing on my large white piece of paper. I talked to Mrs.McCall and began drawing the bubble tape sketch on the left hand side. I will continue to draw the bubble tape on both sides next class.

March 28-This class I finished drawing the bubble tape on both sides. I did 4 on each side so 8 in total. Next, I chose the next sketch I wanted to do on the other side and started drawing. I chose the peace sign with a diamond going around it. I did 3 columns and 3 rows. I will continue to finish drawing the peace signs next class.

March 30th-I came into class for the last ten minutes because I had a doctor's appointment. So, I didn't finish much. I am planning on continuing drawing on the white piece of paper.

April 4th- This class I finished sketching on the opposite side. I also outlined both sides in sharpie which took awhile. I haven't decided what colors to fill in yet. Next class I will decide what colors and start coloring both sides of the page.

April 18th- This class I started coloring one side of the page. I chose red, yellow, and pink for the bubble tape. I chose blue and green for the background. I am almost finished with the whole page. Next class I will finish coloring.

April 20th- This class I finished coloring! It took the whole class but I will ask Mrs. McCall what to do next, here are my pictures

April 24th-This class I cut my page into three equal sections. I also glued them onto each other, creating one long piece. Then, I folded it back and fourth until the end. This took up the whole class period.

April 26th- This class Mrs.McCall told me to work on my paper quilt because I had been done with the previous steps.

April 28th- This class I started to cut out shapes in my paper.

May 2nd-This class I did my paper quilt.

May 4th- I continued to do the cuts in the paper

May 8th- I continued to do the cuts in the paper

May 10th-


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