Help Desk A world of devices

The Help Desk is a very wonderful way for students in High School to learn the basics of Tablets,laptops, and computer.
Students learn how to do complete tickets help students around the school whenever they have a problem with their device , that is a way students can gain experience and can perform tasks beforehand.
Whenever a device has been damaged, Help Desk students must see what they can do and repair the damage, if the damaged beyond what a Help Desk student can do, then they must issue a repair intake form.
This is King Herson, He rules the Help Desk, he makes sure you do a good job and complete tickets and repair devices correctly, if you ever disobey the king... then you better say your prayers! Just kidding he's a really nice guy:)
But overall, the Help Desk is a great class for students who want to have a future of technology and will give you a very good experience of what it's like to work around devices.

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