Malala Yousafzai, the youngest person to win a Nobel Peace Prize

Malala Yousafzai was born on 12 July, 1997 in Mingora, a Swat district in the north-western region of Pakistan. When Malala was still young, her father ran a chain of schools, that allowed the out of school children get an education. At this time the Taliban had banned schooling in the region, but Malala and her family became an outspoken opponent of the group.

Malala followed after her father's footsteps and grew a passion for helping the uneducated children of Pakistan. In 2009, Malala started writing a blog for the BBC Urdu service under pseudonym, talking about the increased military activity and about how she feared her school might be attacked. Television and Radio were banned in the Swat, women could not go shopping and Malala's father had to shut down his school. Malala and her father received death threats about speaking out against the closing of the school, but continued to fight against the Taliban in retribution.

Malala being taken to hospital after being shot

On 9 October 2012, while Malala and her friends were travelling home from school, a masked Taliban gunman jumped on the school bus and asked for Malala by name. When she stood up, the man shot her and it pierced through her shoulder, neck and skull. Two of Malala's friends were injured in the shooting.

After surviving the initial attack, Malala was in critical condition and moved to Birmingham, England for treatment at a hospital that specialised in military attacks. She was discharged in 2013 after being reunited with her family.

This Taliban attack spread worldwide and started protests and movements all across Pakistan. Two weeks after the attacks over 2 million people signed a petition to make education legal in Pakistan.


December 10, 2014 Malala was co-recipent of the Nobel Peace Prize along with India's child rights campaigner Kailash Satyarthi.

Malala street art

I believe Malala is like a prophet because she informed so many people on the hardships that women and girls have to live through, while living in these Middle Eastern Countries. She told people about the inequality about schooling and how she believed that everyone should be able to get an education, not just the men. She inspired people to not be afraid to state your opinions, even if you are afraid, because in the end you will either change the world or people's perspectives.

Malala in construction for a school for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

The qualities that I feel you must have in order to be a prophet is to not be scared to speak your mind and give your opinions, no matter what people think of them. You also need to have a desire for justice. Wanting the best things to happen to the people who need it the most, instead of the people who have lied and cheated all their life walk away free. You also need to be open about your personal faults. Being able to realise when you have been in the wrong is one of the most

Prophet Daniel in the lions den

Daniel is one of the four main prophets in the Bible and is after the prophet of Hosea, the first book of the twelve.

The book of Daniel tells the story of a young Jewish boy, who lived in Babylon following the Babylonian Exile. He was only a child when he was taken captive by King Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel was selected to be apart of the King's court, where he was trained and was exposed to riches on the daily.


Daniel was raised to high office by his master Darius the Mede. When Daniel's jealous rivals trick Darius into a decree saying that their shall be no praying for 30 days to any God or man; except for Darius himself, shall be thrown into the lions den. Breaking this decree, Daniel is thrown into the lions den condemned to die. At daybreak Darius hurries back and asks if God had saved his friend. Daniel replied that God had sent down and angel, who shut the mouths of the lions and allowed him to live.

Malala surrounded by a group of Somali girls

Malala and Daniel are similar to each other because they were prosecuted and injured due to their beliefs. Malala faced and conquered through death much like Daniel did, and the entire time they were fighting they never lost faith in what they believed in. She made a miraculous discovery from injury and continued to preach what she believed in no matter what people would say or so to her.


Daniel's scripture pieces were about conquering anything that could take you down and to never stop believing in what you think is right.


"Then the king gave orders, and Daniel was brought in and cast into the lions' den. The king spoke and said to Daniel, "Your God whom you constantly serve will Himself deliver you."

DANIEL 11:14

"Now in those times many will rise up against the King of the South; the violent ones among your people will also lift themselves up in order to fulfill the vision, but they will fall down."


"He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws. The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time."

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