How Gymnastics affects adolescents Eva asher, andrea tobias & karina prieto

Injuries- In such a high impact sport like gymnastics, injuries are prone to happen , whether minor or serious they can affect young gymnast hugely. Common injuries in gymnastics are wrist or ankle sprains, stress fractures , or hyperextensions throughout parts of the spine. Because this sport is always in season and constantly practicing, it is quite difficult to find rest time for an injury or the injury itself isn't given recognition and becomes gradually worse with continuous straining. This continuous straining of the injury allows the it to progress and become a lot worse. The common procedure for minor injuries are the R.I.C.E method, Rest, Ice,Compress , and Elevate. When you are a child your bones are still growing, an injury along the bones growth plate can cause the bone to stop growing.

Health- Due to the high impact of gymnastics , young girls are vulnerable to delayed puberty. They may stop menstruating for a specific amount of time or receive it late. Caused by the constant pressure of having a certain body type in society and gymnastics many young girls are tempted to diet and contract eating disorders which cause huge amounts of stress on the body. From doing so they can contract endocrine or cardiovascular problems.


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