Online Teaching: Pedagogy, Tools, and Resources

Online Pedagogy

Online Pedagogy

Focus: Students engage course content online outside of the classroom, while conducting active learning during class-time

​Focus: A look at the evolving role played by social media in higher education

Focus: Engaging students in course content, presenting content from multiple fronts, transforming yourself from a 'sage' to a 'guide,' increasing 'interactivity,' establishing a course 'presence'

Focus: Course presence, establishing a supportive learning community, providing clear expectations, large vs. small vs individual course experiences, synchronous vs. asynchronous activities, constructive feedback, thoughtful and reflective discussions, easily accessible resources/applications, closing activities

Focus: Consulting with an Instructional Designer during course design phase, alerting students to differences between the online and traditional course environments, presence in discussion forums, effective feedback, instructor time management

Focus: The authors provide an in-depth outline for best practices for online discussions, including practical solutions for increasing student participation, assessment and evaluation tools, and parameters for expectations (both of the student and the instructor).

Focus: Overcoming challenges to providing a “sense of community” among students participating in online courses, and redefining communication skills

Focus: Innovative strategies to enhance student understanding and critical thinking in an online classroom. Including: fostering student engagement, intellectual development, and building rapport with students.

Focus: How to seamlessly transform your PowerPoint content to the online environment

Focus: The challenge of online cheating, the need for more student-to-student interactions, the need for more student-to-instructor interactions, incorporating more planned structure, providing visually rich and interactive content, instructor workload

Focus: Online cheating methods (such as plagiarism, purchasing answers, unauthorized collaboration, etc.) utilized by students and techniques to minimize e-cheating

Focus: Shortcuts for imputing grades and navigating Blackboard’s Grade Center

Online Content Resources

Online Content Resources

Focus​: FIU Online's Official News Source

Focus: A general introduction to the use of social media in higher education. Specifically: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs

Focus: How social media allows students to share information and build a sense of community in the online environment

Focus: An online community for everyone working in, or with, higher education

Focus: Twitter presence for journals, news organizations and policy institutes related to criminal justice, race and policy

Focus: 197 Educational YouTube channels (35 of which are dedicated to policy, history and current events)

Online Presentation Tools

Online Presentation Tools

Focus: Creating more visual, interactive, engaging, persuasive and memorable presentations

Focus: Bridging the gap between real time discussions and standard video lectures or online presentations

Focus: Seeks to address all of the frustrations people have with PowerPoint and Keynote

Focus: Transforming presentations into engaging learning experiences with beautiful designs, created in minutes

Website Design

Website Design

Focus: A simple template platform for creating personal/professional websites

Focus: Everything you need to create a stunning website

Focus: Creating a free educational website

Focus: Building educational websites

Producing and Editing Videos

Producing and Editing Video

Focus: A simple tool for captioning and translating video

Focus: A simple tool for customizing and producing video


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