James Monroe By Noel Hernandez

James Monroe

One night he overheard his father talk to his uncle, a judge, insult the unfair laws sent by Britain. Laws like extremely high taxes, and the stamp act were found unjust to the 13 colonies. This conversation sparked his passion for politics and set his path for years to come. James Monroe was the second oldest child of five and was born on April 28, 1758 in Virginia. He lived on a farm of 500 acres. Growing up, he was very active, determined, and talented, three traits that were demonstrated throughout his lifetime.

At a young age, James Monroe was very active around the house on his family farm and in the political issues consistently occurring within the 13 colonies. “Politics became an important part of young James’s life, and the topic was often discussed in the Monroe home”(Kelly, p 17) He would talk often discuss with his family about these political problems, sometimes his father would come back with newspapers on politics. James would always read these papers (mainly because his passion was politics). He would also farm which involved counting the crops and picking them, and planting. From time to time he would hunt on his walks from school for food and perform daily chores throughout his day. “Hunting was one of the main sources of food in those days, and James became an excellent marksman”(Kelly,p 10) His brothers and sister would assist him in these chores inside the house(Kelly, p 7 ) Sadly his father died. His Uncle played the role as father in James’s life and encouraged him to follow his dream on politics .

James Monroe was very determined to support the revolutionary war that was starting. Many of his students at his college had joined the patriots. He later assisted the patriots and became good friends with George Washington. Soon he was captain. He was the youngest of the group of patriots, only 17 years old. “James joined the colonial army and quickly moved up the ranks. George Washington described James as ‘Brave,active and a sensible officer’ ”(Kelly, p 21)

Overall, James Monroe was talented in many things, such as politics, hunting, farming and fighting. An example for fighting is when he joined the Patriots. After a few weeks of training he became the top of his class and became one of George Washington’s captains. As captain, he was not able to command his own group of soldiers due to the fact that other captains thought he was too inexperienced. At the age of 20 he was promoted and was able to help come up with battle plans. He also got a medal for bravery( Kelly, p.21-28).

During another a battle, James captured two cannons but took a severe blow to his shoulder that put him out of commision. He wanted to help his country so badly that he stayed and helped aid the wounded for some time. Not only was this and act of determination but of courage itself. This proves that James Monroe was a very determined soldier while serving in the revolutionary war. Not only was James Monroe was determined in war, but in politics as well. He became the protege of Thomas Jefferson, which kicked started his career in politics.

After the civil war, James became the protege of Thomas Jefferson. This helped James become a judge, which allowed him to live an active political life. A few years into the new job, he became minister of France. This mostly involved trading, alliances, wars and keeping up on current events. For sometimes he would even live in these places for a year or two before coming back to America. This explains how active James Monroe was as a judge among the U.S leaders, leading up towards his presidency.

But if James Monroe was such a talented man and could have done one of these as a good profession, why be president? Well, James’s passion for politics, and the support of his uncle, a judge, drove him to his spot as the fifth president of the United States. Therefore, James Monroe, throughout multiple events in his lifetime proved that he was active, determined and very talented man. Admired by man us leaders James proved himself as a judge and president. Among other things, his acts has made him a true american icon.

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