This week I wanted to work on the coding behind my first boss so to start with I got a little cube and attempted to get the player to be able to kill it. Quite simple code let me create a re-usable hp system that takes damage whenever the player fires projectiles that collide with the hit box of the mob. Once I got the dying coding done I wanted to get some kind of movement into the mix, to do this I looked up online how to have an actor (Aka the boss) to move from one point to another based on time. After a little research online I found a "Lerp (vector)" which can be set to 2 separate locations I then linked it up to a timer and then the boss would fly from one point to the next, and repeated. The final thing I needed to get working is how to spawn a projectile that fires at a decent speed. To do this I created a new actor to be spawned by the boss blue print at a specific location, I gave the new blueprint a damage value and had it spawn at ((X=40) (Y= -10) (Z= -30)) this is because I want it to spawn below the center of the blueprint, not changing the location would just have it spawn dead center.

The first problem with coding the second phase was getting the second phase to spawn, I did this by whenever destroy actor was triggered I made a spawn actor and linked it to my second blue print, the second phase. This would spawn the boss at the same location as the old boss. For the second phase I wanted to have it fire two projectiles, I ended up copying the original coding and then changing the fire rate and the projectile that spawned from it. I also re used the hp but changed it to have a higher base hp on the second phase.

I intended to finish the art this week however I managed to finish drawing all of the art assets last week, so instead, till going down an art root I decided to begin adding them into my game, first off importing them in a 32x32 grid format, this is by far the best way to import 32bit images because of all the hassle involved otherwise with going though every sprite individually. After importing them I added them to a level that I decided was going to be a tester to see how it would look in game once my levels were fully textured.

On this week I planned to look at my current progress and re-asses my end goal as well as the weekly plan I set myself before and how close I am to keeping within that plan. I think overall the plan has been quite accurate so far however I think to keep up the quality of the levels throughout I will have to shorten the game to 6 levels as appose to the 9 I originally intended to create, this is mostly down to me wanting the opportunity to polish the levels off and have a better quality game with less content.

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