Dog Head Benjamin Goldberg

Title Meaning (before)

I believe that this title is about a kids dog who he adores a lot and writes a poem about the adventures they had.


1. Our mascot was the bulldog.

2. Bulldogs chased me across playgrounds until I dreamed them.

3. In class, I finished mazes with a green crayon.

4. Hedges grew skyward from pages, and I ran.

5. My dad once called this kind of thing my day-head.

6. When my day-head happened, they called him at his office.

7. I learned the name Daedalus from an article I read for science class.

8. It meant a plane with leg-powered wings — carbon tubing, plastic skin.

9. A man with a long name flew a longer way across the sea from Crete.

10. At recess, I reread the same book of illustrated myths and cryptids.

11. I dreamed of bulldogs with bulls’ heads.

12. My day-head was a zoo where gods slept.

13. Daedalus sounded like dad, so I loved him.

14. Class was an enclosure made of cinder block and twelve weeks without winter.

15. Behind the glass, my day-head paced.

16. Daedalus was a zookeeper.

17. I dreamed of a god with a bull’s body and a hood sewn from my face.

18. The article said I weighed the same as the Daedalus.

19. I traced flight plans and crash sites on my desk.

20. My teacher asked us to draw self-portraits.

20A. The trees were hydras.

21. On the paper, I drew an outline of my face.

22. I cut my eyes out with scissors.

23. They called me to the office, and Daedalus was waiting.

24. I found a bulldog in a magazine and drew a maze inside each iris.

25. We played tug-of-war in gym.

26. My day-head was a knotted rope dangling from steel rafters.

27. I pushed my thumb into the sun.

28. I fell once.

29. I cut the bulldog from the page, then ripped his head in two.

30. I glued one half over the left side of my face.

31. I left the right side blank.

32. The article said the Daedalus crashed twenty-one feet from the black sand of a beach on Santorini.

33. My day-head was a Kevlar fuselage belly-down in the sea.

34. They called home. I ran home.

35. On the right side of my face, I drew a sunny day.

36. I signed my name.


1. School Mascot was a bulldog.

2. It ran across the playground

3. Finished the maze with green crayon.

4. Hedges grew toward the sky.

5. My dad called it my "day-head"

6. I got called to the office for my "day-head"

7. I learned Daedalus in science

8. Plane with leg-powered wings, plastic.

9. Daedalus flew a long way.

10. I read the book again.

11. I thought of bulldogs.

12. My day head was the zoo.

13. Daedalus reminded me of a dad, that's why I liked him.

14. Class walls made of cinder blocks and 12 week no winters.

15. My "day-head" paced.

16. He was a zookeeper.

17. I thought of God with a bulls body.

18. I think I weigh as much as Daedalus.

19. I got flight plans.

20. Instructor told us to draw ourselves.

20A. The trees turned to water

21. I outlined my face on paper.

22. I stabbed my eye with scissors.

23. Daedalus waited for me in the office.

24. I saw our mascot in a magazine and sketched in his iris.

25. We played a game of tug of war.

26. My day head was a rope knotted hanging from the roof raptors.

27. My sun went into the sun.

28. Falling once.

29. Ripped the dog off the page.

30. One of the pieces on my face.

31. Right side empty.

32. Daedalus fell 20 feet to death at Santorini beach.

33. Day head was belly down in sand.

34. Phoned home.

35. Ran home.

36. Drew sunny day on other part of face.

37. Signing my name.


Bulldogs chased me across playgrounds until I dreamed them.- You can see the bulldog chasing the kid around the playground.

It meant a plane with leg-powered wings — carbon tubing, plastic skin.- It shows what the plane looks like.

We played tug-of-war in gym- I can see them in the high school gym playing tug-of-war.


The attitude of the story is kind of laid back but a little rushed because he is trying to get the reader to understand the pace.


The first line he is talking about the mascot then goes into a bulldog chasing him around the playground.


I now think that the title means that the dog head is the worst. And the bulldog chases him around the playground. Daedalus follows him around the school all of the time.


The theme of the story is only do to others what you want done to yourself.


Created with images by Pezibear - "dog puppy yorkshire terrier" • vlaaitje - "puppy bulldog dog" • TBIT - "pen mine writing tool" • wsanter - "dog animal portrait pet"

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