Womb Envy

In this photo, it is obvious that the baby to the left is jealous of my (on the right) womb. This definitely proves Horney's theory of womb envy, which could be something that all males possess. My look of disinterest proves that Freud's theory may be false.

Inferiority complex

At my old school in New York, it was a common activity to lock Katrina into a locker and see if she could make it. I felt pretty inferior my freshman year of high school aside from being locked in lockers. Being a freshman in a new school was scary, and there were many social tensions amongst many of the freshmen. However, now that it is my senior year of high school, those tensions do not exist anymore. I am overcompensating for my inferiority freshman year by being as outgoing and powerful as I can now. The difference between my freshman self and senior self is quite obvious.

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