Figurative Language By:Chloe Mason

An Alliteration is where you have a sentence and most of the words start with the same exact letter.

Ex: I Tried To Take a Trip To Transylvania.

A Simile is where you compare two unlike things using (Like or As).

Ex:She was as mad as a bull.

A Metaphor is about the same as a Simile. You still compare two unlike things but you don´t use like or as.

Ex:The homework was a piece of cake.

Idioms are phrases that say something but means something else and the two phrases are related.

Ex:This is not my cup of tea=I am not comfortable in this situation.

Onomatopoeia are just sounds that something makes without someone saying it.

Ex: The popcorn went POP, CRACKLE, BANG!

An Allusion is where something is said in the text and you can imagine it in you mind.(Must compare two things and if it is a simile and an Alliteration, go with Alliteration).

Ex:The red dress was like the suns rays.

A Hyperbole exaggerates something way farther that it really is.

Ex:¨There are a MILLION hour in the day!¨she exclaimed.

Personification is where you give something non-human human qualities.

Ex:The floorboards moaned under the weight of my feet.

The Picture above is of the poster I made on Alliteration.


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