Praise The War Machine By Zao

The Funeral Of God

2004 | Metal

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“We praise you, war machine. -- You've come to set us free. -- Run us through your jaws. -- Carry us off in your claws.”


  • Zao exists as a band with no original members currently.
  • The albums original title was going to be: Live... from the Funeral of God. Management thought fans might misconstrue it as a live recording, so it was abreviated.
  • The band began it's journey as a christian band until after many lineup changes only one Christian member remained and the message became less important to the music.


Luke Tatum

This list has already had its share of anti-war songs. But have we had one literally equating the war machine to a god? Not yet, but that changes today. It's as perverse as it sounds: "Pile up countless corpses and on them we shall dine" is some seriously evil stuff. And of course, war is evil. Just because we have all been told that wars (or "interventions," as they are often called) are in the best interest of our nation...just because we are told that we could lose our freedoms if these battles were not conducted...this does not make it true. Even repeated millions of times, the truth stands apart and separate. This song also reminds me of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. "Blood for the blood god," as they say.

Sherry Voluntary

This song just slaps you right in the gourd! Thank the maker for internet song lyrics though, or yours truly would not understand half of what the songs on this list are saying. This one is unique in that it personifies the deity of the death cult that is The State. What is really interesting to me, is that we already know that war is the engine of The State and that death and destruction follow wherever one springs forth. History is littered with exapmles. Yet, people still worship at it's altar, they may dress it up and give it a new name and flag, and talk about it's character and virtue, but in the end it's still requires a blood sacrifice. The problem isn't just that so many are willing to pay it, it's also that the expect you to pay as well, and will turn the rage for the enemy against you if you don't comply. The State is the god of many and everyone who does not believe is an infidel that the "common good" necessitaties be irradicated. These people are scary, and I encourage you to keep fighting their madness.

Nicky P

I see this song as an indictment of us as human beings and our acceptance and often zeal for war and violence. I was still in high-school when 9-11 happened and I naively thought that buying into the bullshit war propaganda was an abnormality. After all this was kind of a big deal in America. But here it is almost 2 decades later and I had to listen to a moron get called presidential after bombing a nation on the flimsiest of pretexts. The ways in which people buy into the spectacle of murder the way they do simply baffles me. I'm not a sports person so i fundamentally reject the our team, their team thing. Could it be that most people simply see wholesale murder as another type of sport? Have we truly not evolved past our monkey brained past? I guess if you love violence then there's always a war machine to be praised.

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Nicky P

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