Modern Evolution By: Isaac Castaneda

The Peppered Moth

Originally the Peppered Moth dominate species color began as a beautiful and elegant white bodied moth. It's body color acted as a good and effective camouflage in clean areas in the world. While dark colored moths were more evident causing their species percentage to be a whopping 2%. However, as time progressed a shift in the dominate colored species began to occur. Light colored began to shrink while the darker bodies began to reproduce and spread in numbers.

Why this happened...

As stated above the moth had a light coloring which darkened. This adaptation believed to have occurred after the Industrial Revolution, due to the pollution of the time. This adaptation came about because the light colored moths were seen by birds more readily, so with natural selection, the dark colored moths survived due to them being able to fit in with the environment around them more efficiently and were able to reproduce.

A Modern Example of Evolution

"The peppered moth as an example of evolution has been attacked recently, usually as to the cause of the shift in coloration, but the example still stands as a major shift in a species caused by mutations leading to variation and natural selection." -


Created with images by kevin dooley - "Evolution - The Ride" • Bennyboymothman - "[1931] Peppered Moth (Biston betularia)"

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