Gracciano Tuscany, ITALY

We have been gobsmacked with the Tuscan landscape. We thought it was reserved for fancy travel brochures, but we have been pleasantly surprised that it has lived up to our expectations and beyond!

Walking takes full advantage of the scenery as otherwise you will miss it if travelling by other modes of transport.

We thoroughly enjoyed our 21km of walking today. Firstly, the terrain was more forgiving with less steep ascents and descents, but also the path (which reminded us of being back on the Camino) was mainly through shady woods and remote rural gravel roads.

Whilst most people tackling this section walk on to Monteriggioni which is a 30km section! We chose to shorten it and have stopped off at a quaint country resort which is right on the Via Francigena path... very handy!

Apologies for too many photos, but I just couldn’t face culling more...

Spectacular Tuscan countryside in all its morning glory!

When the pig reaches its 60th, you shove a sock in it and give it a good roasting! Der Brett knows what I’m talking about!

Views as we departed San Gimignano

Ready for painting Mum?
Homemade Radler
Our Genuine Italian matrimonial bed for the evening. A shame we don’t have the pure passionate Italian blood running through our veins!
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Stephen Mathieson