Holographic Technology Innovations in Communication Technology

A hologram produces three-dimensional images of an object. An image can be seen by looking into an illuminated holographic print or by shining a laser through a hologram and projecting the image onto a screen/surface.

Holograph Display

I believe holographic technology will impact media and communications now and in the future because this device can be useful for many different fields in media, communication and other careers as well. Although this device is still new and developing, technology overtime will become more advanced and produce better quality/outcomes.


Holographs can be very effective and helpful to society. A few positive impacts include:

Improvements in the Medical Field: Holographs have the ability to show the scan of a patients’ heart and be produced into 3D form. A surgeon is able to easily visualize the procedure needed for their patient and explore closely.

Holographs of parts of the human body.

Holographic Concerts: A teenage Japanese superstar, Hatsune Miku, is a holographic anime, known for her live performances and famous artists from the past such as Michael Jackson and rapper Tupac Sharkur have been digitally created as holograms to perform on stage for live audiences. The use of holographs for this purpose has been profitable, and entertain viewers of all ages. It has been slowly increasing and the possibility of this new technology taking over would seem to be positively high.

From left to right side: Holographs of Hatsune Miku and Michael Jackson performing.

Engineering and Architecture: Holographs displaying 3D architectural models and engineering prototypes can be useful to help explore all areas of a project and help finalize plans before beginning construction. With 2D models, our boundaries are limited, but as 3D holographs are becoming a popular tool, this can allow us to interact with the plans and make changes efficiently.

Photos of individuals using holographic technology to show models for a meeting.

Tv Shows and Movies: One of the most popular ways holographs are used is through the media. Holograms have been displayed on the screen in sci-fi movies and TV shows such as Iron Man, Star Trek and Star Wars. Characters created with this technology are effective, creative and powerful. Viewers may enjoy watching movies including holographic technology making a film more profitable in the box office. Seeing how well holographic technology is doing in films leads to possibility of it being used more often throughout future films.

Holographic technology used in Star Wars.


Although holographic technology can be fascinating and produce effective content, there are several disadvantages with this innovation:

- Expensive process: The process for holograms can be expensive and have a lengthy set up and duration time.

Still developing: Holographic technology is still developing and in the works. Right now there may be difficulty accessing or creating content with holographic technology.

- Damages eyesight: Holographic technology can damage eyesight especially for children.


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