Spotlighting: Diaspora Peoples In Belgium and Malta: A Virtual Mission Experience

e3 Partners and Africa Inland Mission (AIM) have joined forces to bring you on this Virtual Mission Experience to shed light on what God is doing amongst displaced peoples who have flooded into Europe.

Nov 30 to Dec 6, 2020

Let's Go on Virtual Mission!

Travel restrictions do not need to prevent you from from being involved in God’s mission. Let’s GO! Join us as we journey together on a multi organizational, global virtual mission to Europe from the comfort and safety of your own home. No long flights...no jet lag...no strange food...but YES to making heart connections with people who have harrowing stories of intense life journeys that have lead them to Belgium & Malta.

The U.N. report on migration opens by stating "The world has witnessed historic change at the global level" as it relates to the movement of people in the last number of years between national borders. In this virtual mission, we will shine a spotlight on displaced peoples, will hear stories how ministries are seeking to reach these people and in the process we will learn simple tools showing us how we can share our faith at home and abroad.

Prayer Walking- Online!?

Consistently, virtual mission participants share that they were deeply impacted by how the Spirit of God spoke to them after learning how to do virtual prayer walks via Google Earth. This combined with intimate times of prayer in break out rooms will move your heart for the nations of the world.

Join us as we meet together in 7 sessions lasting 1.5 hours each from November 30- Dec 6, 2020 and culminating in a multi-language, multi-ethnic worship service that you will not soon forget!

Experience some of the culture and history of the migrations to Belgium & Malta as AIM missionaries share their stories daily.

What You Can Expect

Note: Although this trip is totally free, it will appear as though the registration platform is seeking credit card information as who's ever heard of a completely free trip! Simply click "Fundraise for the Total Cost of the Trip" in the link below and the credit card requirement will disappear!

For more information contact info@e3ministry.ca


Created with images by Siddhant Soni - "I recently went for Sarpass trek in Himachal Pradesh (India) and found these cute kids at the first base camp called Grahan. When asked they told me they were siblings and they love their life out of the city chaos. They were happy, as the picture shows." • Skyler Smith - "untitled image" • Nathan McBride - "Love for People" • Jon Tyson - "untitled image" • Kyle Glenn - "untitled image" • Katie Moum - "A shy little girl in Africa – she and her family had stood in line for hours for some food that a local church was providing. This was a moment when she stepped away from her mother, looking at me." • Alexander Serzhantov - "Valletta"