street art by:samuel orozco hoyos

my opinioI really think there are some beautiful street art everywhere and I also consider that it is a really big effort. thats why i dont understand why some people vandalise

police officer: he would be mad and stressed because of the bandalism they had made

artists:they would love it or hate it depending on the work that the painter made

the wall owner:thewall owner would be crazy and would be really mad

the one who made it:he would be proud of all of his talent

when does or when does not apply to bandalism

there are many factors that determine the graffity, like when you do it is a private place and isnt nice would be bandalism and not everyone will appreciated. in many other cases when it is appropiate and in a place where you can do it it is art and also accepted by society


Created with images by Gael Varoquaux - "Street art and lady crossing"

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