Creation of a Government United States

Before the American Revolution, the 13 colonies were under British rule. The colonists were all subjects of King George III, who imposed several taxes on them that impacted their daily life.
King George III
The British protected the colonies from other countries. Once the other countries were no longer a threat, the colonists didn’t think that the British soldiers needed to be in the colonies.
The relationship between the British and colonists became more and more tense, resulting in the first battle of the Revolutionary War.
Some colonists began to feel that they didn’t need to be dependent on England any more for government and that the unitary type of government (rule by a monarch, or king) was not working for the colonists. They believed they needed to have a different form of government.
The colonists decided to put their complaints and desires in writing and drafted the Declaration of Independence. This document outlined the colonists’ complaints and stated their goal to be independent from the British government.
After the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the colonies and Great Britain continued fighting in the Revolutionary War. The war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. The Treaty of Paris officially recognized the United States as an independent nation from Great Britain.


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