Making Connections Ginny Tibbetts

I connected with artist Carol Hummel from the Bolich Wish Tree article from the choice board selections. I chose this because the first photo looked very much like the yarn bombing experience I had with my students last year before the cocoon project took place. Indeed there were a lot of connections and I felt a bit validated that I wasn't the only person out there wrapping trees with yarn. Turns out a whole bunch of people do it. But they have better reasons. So I took the idea of the wishes that the Bolich Middle School had and came up with a process of adding wishes to a tree branch and then plan to put the branch back out in nature.

I took a piece of muslin and used masking tape to write a message on the fabric. It wasn't a wish, it was a request of the universe. The tape will act as a resist.

I added multiple colors of acrylic paint to the fabric essentially staining or dying it.

I sort of sloppily accordion pleated the fabric for another resist technique and added black paint. Then I took it to my air circulator for a quick dry!

I removed the masking tape exposing my request. Then I tore the fabric horizontally side to side leaving the ends connected so I created a single long strand of fabric.

On the fabric strip I wrote many, many wishes. then I took the fabric and began wrapping a branch that I had collected some months ago. I wrapped the entire branch and had to double back just to use up all the fabric.

The branch isn't much to look at on its own. Making the request and writing the wishes was a very cathartic process and for me makes the art making experience so much more meaningful then if I was just decorating fabric for wrapping. I don't believe that I am done, I think I want to add some more paint somehow. I think if there were many Wish Sticks (?) the visual impact could be awesome. I knew I needed all those branches in my room!

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