Simply Delightful The Derryfield School Lyceum Gallery Presents: A Virtual Exhibition of the work of Mike Durkee, aka "Durkish Delights"

The Derryfield School Lyceum Gallery is pleased to present a virtual exhibition of the work of New Hampshire artist, Mike Durkee!

As students returned to in-person learning this fall semester, they were greeted with a vibrant mural created by artist Mike Durkee of Durkish Delights. With Covid-19 protocols limiting the Lyceum Galleries exhibition options this year, we challenged Durkee to create a piece that would be on display for the remainder of the school year and feature the core values of our school. What attracted us to Mike's work is his ability to blend nostalgia with imaginative storytelling in a bold and energetic way. His color palette, reminiscent of 80s and early 90s pop culture, is bold and playful, and it sets a joyful tone for one of the most trafficked hallways in our school.


Durkish Delights is Mike Durkee: a muralist and graphic artist from New Hampshire. He currently resides in Alton with his wife and children. He also has two cats, one dog and an array of chickens and ducks. He has mixed feelings about the chickens and ducks.

Mike graduated from Chester College of New England with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art. His technique for his art making involves combining hand drawn, vintage style text and cartoons with images sourced from vintage books. He is also know for his technique in which he zooms into Google Earth and collaborates with strangers to create his art.

Mike has worked with clients such as Comcast, Ovation TV, Noodz, The Rochester Opera House and many more. He has been featured on various podcasts, radio shows and public speaking events.


My art is meant to feel nostalgic, fun and a little mysterious. Often times there’s a story or message in my art that I create for myself. However, I hold no expectations towards anyone to share that same experience. I want you to look at my work and build your own story. On the other hand, a portion of my work is more literal and the intention is to make my audience smile or contemplate. - Durkish Delights

Derryfield Core Values - Mural by Mike Durkee

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Adventure Land
Bored? Go Clean - Original
Cooped Up
Creepy Carl
David Bowie
Don't Just Do Nothing
Dream It Up
Entertain Us
Hoot and Hollar
Keep It Clean
Mountain Willows
Sun House
Sun, Moon and Stars
The Computer
Well OK
What'll Happen Next?


Durkish Delights work featured in this exhibition is available in 18x24 prints at $25. Commissions begin at $150, and are typically a digital collage piece that incorporates some of the interests/ values/ hobbies etc of the client, or receiver of the art. Murals start at $1000 and vary in price depending on the size and complexity. Please contact Durkish Delights directly with inquiries at durkishdelights@gmail.com

For more information about the Derryfield School Lyceum Gallery please visit www.Derryfield.org/Arts/Lyceum-Gallery

Created By
Becky Barsi


Created with images by Ashley Whitlatch - "Nature's Gradient :) Unfiltered sunset in San Francisco, Sept 2019" • Luke Chesser - "Blue to purple gradient"