Faces In The Making Christian Mowry, Amariya Ross, and Jacinda Miller

Our photojournalism story focuses on the art department. Specifically, Miss Farmer’s class in Building 7. There are a lot of different projects that the class does, however, the project they were doing were self portraits, so the story focuses around that. This is just one out of many projects that they’ve done throughout the year that may get showcased. We went to take pictures, Wednesday, March 31, and by that time, most people were finished with them, however there were some students who were still making edits to the portraits. We had also got some quotes from the students on what they like about art and why they decided to join. There are display cases on campus, which contain other great art pieces made by either former or current students who are in the National Art Honor Society. A few students had taken art last year and had a lot of fun so they decided to do it again this year.

Katy Farmer writes the instructions for doing a self-portrait along with putting up more examples that the students can use as references. Some photos have added color, while others are done with just pencil.

Art teacher, Katy Farmer, displays a self-portrait from a former student to give to the class. It gave the students an idea of what to do and served as an example.

A painting of a cat done by a previous student. The painting is another example of the different art styles can be done.

In the art classroom, paintbrushes are drying off on the counter on, Wednesday, March 30th. The class had projects where they often had to paint.

Some paintings on the ceiling are from different projects that students work on. The paintings showcased the different art styles of painting.

In Katy Farmer’s art class, sophomore Marlon Levyn, starts a new project on, Wednesday, March 31st. “My favorite part about art class is that I can draw whatever I want, and not a specific topic,” Levyn said. He has participated in some big projects for the art department, like the highly coveted band poster.

During first period art class, sophomore Andres Salazar puts his final touches on his project by adding some color on, Wednesday, March 31st. Salazar has been taking art classes for over two years now.

Junior Micah Kelsey is working on his self-portrait for class, Wednesday, March 31, in Katy Farmer’s class. Kelsey had another project that he did for class, in his folder. “It [art] gives me a place to relax and enjoy myself," Kelsey said.

While drawing a boy opening a present on Christmas, sophomore Emily Baenen finishes up one of her projects on, Wednesday, March 31st. Baenen loved to draw and had been taking art classes since the sixth grade.

Ben Colley is working on his self-portrait. Colley took art last year and had fun so he decided to join it again.

Junior Zoe Zavukovec working on her self-portrait for Katy Farmer’s class. Zavukovec really enjoyed art.

The class is working on their self-portraits. Some students finished and were working on other drawings.

Art pieces made by students of the National Art Honor Society. There are various pieces from different projects students worked on.