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The "Enviropig"

The "Enviropig" is a genetically modified organism designed to produce a manure that is more ecologically friendly than that of normal pigs. A normal pig's manure contains a large amount of phosphorus and, when used as fertilizer, it gets into the water system and creates algal blooms in lakes, rivers, and other water ecosystems. These algal blooms will accumulate overtime and end up destroying these water ecosystems and the life that inhabits them. These ecologically / economically savvy swines digest and break down phosphorous (which will save future marine life) and cut the price of feed for farmers.

The Makin' of this Modified Bacon

The promoter gene sequence from mice and phytase that is found in E. coli is added by micro injection to the pig chromosome. The promoter in the mice genes allows for the active production of the phytase in the saliva. This phytase breaks down and digests the phosphorus in the pig's feed. The result in 65% les phosphorus in the waste product/fertilizer.

As of now, scientists in Canada are still researching the effects of these pigs. There will be years of testing and safety trials before these pigs are actually implemented.

Pros and Cons of GMOS


  • GMOs are made to be more nutritious than natural foods because we can inject vitamins into the genes.
  • Insect/disease resistant crops can be attained by the use of GMOs.
  • Genetically modified crops/organisms require less attention, money, energy, and time to take care of. Less pesticides are used, which lessens pollution.


  • GMOs can provide health concerns to people with allergies. A lot of times the label does not include all of the organisms in the GMO making process. This could be dangerous to people with allergies if they do not ow what's in the product.
  • We don't know the long term health effects. There are still questions about how this will effect our health.
  • If GMOs were to be introduced into the environment, they would grow exponentially and overtake everything else because there wouldn't be any predators/they would be resistant to weed killer. They would become an invasive species

My Stance on GMOs

I believe that GMOs should be continued to be made. There aren't any signs that they could be dangerous to our health. GMOs are very beneficial to us and they make life easier. However, I think the genetics should be labeled so people with allergies don't have to worry.


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