Chapter 4 By: Jack Schirmer


This is a mural that obviously took days to create to get all of the colors and shapes going the right way and making sure it turned out right.
This represents the hours it takes to create bread. My mother used to be a baker and she told me how early she had to wake up just to make the loaves of bread and I thought that it would be a great representation of hours.
This Time Mag represents minutes because it take minutes to read over each article and to look over every picture in the magazine.
This picture represents seconds because it took a split second to take this picture of the individual water droplets


In this original there is too much space in the picture and I don't like that.
After cropping, there I a more focus on the leading lines and there isn't as much space left open.
In the original there is graffiti to the side which I do not like at all.
After cropping I got rid of the graffiti and the picture gets more focus on the subject of Milan.

Self Reflective/Influential

This is the original picture of Noah.
This a remade view of a shot coming from under him. I see improvement on how I use the lighting and how creative the angle of this picture is. I chose this picture because I though it was funny but also good to remake because of the odd subject. The result is a creative and funny work of art.
This is a side and above view of the original picture, a creative shot
This was from the side of Noah which looks funny but also makes the picture different and creative.


This picture represents the word "Relief".This year I have been carrying s much stress and it is not good for my self and I want to feel more relief rather than stress because I feel my whole life would be better with less stress and more of feeling free and happy.

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