What kind of personality do you have Tell us what kind of personality you have because I would like to know what kind of personality people have.

Research Purpose

My research purpose is to find out how other people react to things like how if a spider gets on then what they would do. And to know how other people act and how other people comprehend things.

How did you find out your answers

To find out my answers I had 10 people answer my questions and I had only 7th graders answer my questions and I had 3 male and 7 females answer my questions.

gender 70% means girls 30% means boys


Some expectations I had for my survey is I wanted people actually answer my survey by explaining and give a reasonable answer and some finding I found out is someone hates kids .

Suprising Findings

Some suprising findings I found is that someone hates kids and marriage. And not a lot of people would get a tattoo.


Some findings that supported my survey is some people wanted kids and which was good and that some people would runs and scream if a spider was on them.

My research is about personality. I picked this because I wanted to know something about people in the school an how people react to different things, that is why I picked personality.
Something I would change is I would put in some better questions in like what do you not like about yourself and what are you ocd about.


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