Smart Application Accelerator Office Performance while working from Home or Remotely


Optimised Performance while working from Home or Remotely

Major performance improvement

SAA provides upto 10+ x data throughput regardless of connection speed.

Working from Home

SAA is a “Personal Application Accelerator” offering that which we believe is ideal for an individual working from home with Accelerated Performance

From ANY: PC – Laptop – Tablets/Smart Phones using: Microsoft Windows – macOS – Android- etc

No Hardware Required

Remote Learning

“Significant Performance Improvement across many different applications”

Ideal for distance Learning

No Hardware Required

SAA Rural Access

Regardless of rural connection speed SAA provides optimised data performance while working from home or remotely.

No Hardware Required

Potentially Self Funding

Reduced Cost dependent on Cloud Set-Up. Access to: DC – CLOUD (Azure – AWS – SaaS – etc.), if you pay for Data Egress in the Cloud

SAA Key Benefits

- Upto 10+ x Data throughput, regardless of connection speed.

- Backup of data from hours to minutes.

- No hardware required.

- Works on PC’s, Laptops and Tablets/Smart Phones (Windows-macOS-Android-Linux)

- Self funding if you pay for data egress in the cloud


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