Carl's Jr. For The Family By: Faith Washington

Hamburgers, fries, and a large iced coke is an all-American family favorite. We desire that number one on the menu to fill our stomach. Food is our fuel to energized our bodies and should not be seen as sexy. Carl's Jr. Ads are filled with sexual innuendos aimed towards male consumers. Carl's Jr. should refrain from their overused innuendo and opt for a more family friendly theme to increase sales.

It's very upsetting to see women in Carl's Jr. Ads wearing skimpy outfits while eating a supersized bacon cheeseburger. These models and actress are obviously getting paid to bite a hamburger, but why is my burger seen as being something she desires terribly? We know these slim models do not eat burgers on a regular basis, so why isn't she eating a salad instead? The average height of a U.S. female is 5ft


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