#WoofWednesdays Sona's Adoption Success Story

Sona (formerly Snickers) at HSTT

"Sweet and loving Snickers is looking for her permanent place in this world, and is hoping it’s with you! She might seem a little shy at first, but don’t let her fool you. She'll warm up to you in no time. Snickers is perfect travel size, and would love nothing more then to be your best friend and travel partner. She came to us as a stray from Nevada and is ready to be your loyal companion. Snickers can be particular about her dog friends, doesn't care much about cats, but is head over heels for people!!"

MacLain Christie was definitely not looking for a small dog. He had big ideas about what he wanted in a companion, and wasn't expecting to find it all in this seven pound package.

I had my eye out for a highly intelligent, highly athletic working dog who would be eager to learn anything and would be able to keep up on any adventure. Sona took me by surprise because I got all of that with her. I soon realized that her small size means it’s much easier to take her with me almost anywhere. When I walked in, her big ears caught my eye first, and the fact that she seemed to me like a little forest creature.

Sona has proven to be an amazing little dog. She learns remarkably fast and loves to learn. She is incredibly engaged and is always ready to play, and she makes a good dance partner, since she likes to walk and hop on her hind legs. She does “Whoops”, where I’ll say “whoop whoop” like in a dance off and she’ll hop on her hind legs. She also has learned to make a number of sounds. If I look at her and raise my eyebrows, she’ll make all kinds of noises (chirps, purrs, squeaks, yodels) as if she’s trying to say something. I haven’t trained her to make any particular sound, I just let her be creative and experiment. Some have described her as a “party girl”, which is a funny pairing with me since I’m often outwardly very serious, but it works well because she brings out the silly and fun parts of me. We play together just about every day, and regularly make trips to beaches, dog parks, and to go on hikes. She’s very rugged for a little dog, with the endurance to keep pace with me on most adventures. But if she ever gets tired, she fits happily in my backpack carrier.

Sona with her best friend Lily

She’s done incredibly well socializing with dogs of all sizes, despite early concerns about how she would do with bigger dogs. Her best friend is my colleague’s 40 pound dog Lily.

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