Jacques Cartier BY MACY W

Jacques Cartier was born in Saint Malo, France in on Dec. 31, 1491 and died in Sep. 1, 1557 because of a disease.

Cartier was a sailor / fisherman before he started his main career as an explorer.

Cartier's motive for exploring was to find gold and other treasures, and find a passage to China.

Cartier's sponsoring country was his home country of France.

Cartier began his voyage in France and traveled to the land that is now Canada. (Cartier was the person who named Canada.)

He discovered an entrance to the St. Lawrence river.

Picture of Cartier

Jacques Cartier was a sailor / fisherman in his earlier career before becoming an explorer. Cartier Was born in 1491 and died in 1557 he began his exploring journey in 1534 and ended his journey exploring in 1542. During his explorations he also discovered an entrance to the St. Lawrence River and he also was the person who claimed land for Canada. Cartier started his voyages in his home country of France and finished his voyages in Canada. Jacques Cartier impacted many people and many people's lives by finding a way for people to sail on the St. Lawrence River.

Timeline of Jacques Cartier

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