Dogs By: Morn


Dogs are friendly and smart animals. They are very easy to train. For example, you can train them to know how to play fetch. You could take them for a walk. You can train a dog to do things. Read on to find out about the unique ways to play with a dog, complicated types of habit each dog has, interesting appearance and different types.

Dogs have many different looks. It could be by size, color and male or female.Some dogs are smaller than others. Usually, female dogs would be smaller than male dogs. Dogs also have many color such as brown, black, yellow, golden and white. All dogs have different kinds of appearance.

There are many kinds of dogs. The different types of dogs have different kinds of names. Poodles, beagles, golden retriever are names of types of dogs. Some dogs are big and some dogs are small. Poodles are small kinds of dogs but huskies are big. Dogs can come from parts of the world like America, Asia and Europe. There are many types of dogs around the world.

Dogs have many habits. Different kinds of dogs have different kinds of habits. For example poodles, poodles are clean and not messy. They don’t play in the mud and they don’t sleep on puddles. Thai dogs on the other hand, are pretty messy. They like to dig holes in a grass spot and maybe some like to sleep on puddles. Thai dogs are also not really playful. In the daytime they like to sleep and in the night time they stay up to guard the house. The golden retriever's have a playful kind of habit. They are not really good for guarding the house at night. All dogs have different kinds of habits.

There are many ways to play with a dog. If you have a dog, you can train it to play. One of the most common way people play with a dog is by throwing a stick or a frisbee and then let them run to go catch it. Some people that are owners of circuits might buy dogs to train. The might let the dog jump through five hula hoops in one jump or let them stand on two legs. A dog can do many unique things.

Dogs are good to have as a pet. They play with you and you can train them to do many things. Dogs do many things with you. So if you are looking for a pet, get a dog!!!


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