Scholastic Art Awards 2021 Derryfield School Student Award Recipients and Participants

The Derryfield School Visual Arts Department is thrilled to announce that 19 individual Derryfield Students, and a total of 29 winning pieces, have received recognition from the New Hampshire Scholastic Art Awards!

Since 1923, The Scholastic Art Awards have offered millions of students the opportunity to display their art works for regional and national recognition. The objective is to foster the confidence of young artists and to invite students to broaden their horizons with opportunities to receive national recognition. The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are the largest and longest running programs of their kind in the country.

One of our countries most competitive juried art competition for students in grades 7-12, the SAA is the CHAMPIONSHIPS OF VISUAL ART! Derryfield students work that was recognized includes 1 Middle School student, and 24 Upper School students. Their work was among nearly 1500 pieces considered from all over the state of NH. Gold Key winning work will now go on to be considered for scholarships and national awards, and may be presented in NYC at this year's annual Scholastic Art Award Celebration at Carnegie Hall! To learn more about the judging criteria click here.

The artwork of students from Derryfield and recognized students from all around New Hampshire will be a part of a virtual exhibition and award ceremony planned for early March. More details to follow.

To learn more about the National Scholastic Art Awards, and past winners like Andy Warhol, Richard Avedon, and Zac Posen, please visit artandwriting.org. If you are interested in participating in next year's Scholastic Art Awards, please email Mrs. Barsi at bbarsi@derryfield.org and she will help you with your submission for the 2021-2022 award season.

Please scroll through the images below and celebrate the creative excellence of our art students!


Gold Key winning work will now go one for review in NYC by the National Scholastic Art Awards and will be considered for further recognition.

Maya Marsden '22 - Photography - "Watery Silence"
James Rogers '23 - Photography - "Appreciating the Small Things"
Ariel Zheng '22 - Photography - "2 Minutes Before Landing"
Ryan Barto '21 - Digital Art - "Live Life"
Erin Caparrelli '21 - Photography - "Through the Looking Glass"
Lane Daniels '24 - Photography - "Pink Penetration"
Lila Kelsey '21 - Expanded Projects - "Plastic Tears"
John McDevitt '23 - Photography - "Size 10"
Mitch Regan '23 - Photography - "Fire Doll"
Sophia Smith '21 - Fashion - "Mainstream Beauty"
Sophia Smith '21 - Digital Art - "Approval in Calamity"
Jason Wang '22 - Fashion - "Terra Sledge"
Andrew Watson '21 - Photography - "A Quantum of Courage"
Ari Yang '24 - Fashion - "Breath"
Ariel Zheng '22 - Digital Art - "A Fading Shadow"
Ryan Barto '21 - Digital Art - "Saint Floyd"
Lane Daniels '24 - Digital Art - " The Four Seasons"
Lane Daniels '24 - Photography - "The Glaring Winter"
Lucie Emond '25 - Painting - "Among the Stars"
Maya Marsden '22 - Photography - "A Break in the Storm"
Regan O'Brien '21 - Mixed Media - "Atrophy"
Jennifer Pei '23 - Digital Art - "Written in Space"
Jennifer Pei '23 - Photography - "Lenses"
Mitch Regan '23 - Photography - "Skull"
Jaisen Soundar '23 - Digital Art - "Reflection"
Abigail Stark '23 - Printmaking - "Out of my Mind"
Cameron Wilding '22 - Photography - "Red Eye"
Cameron Wilding '22 - Photography - "Tracks"
Ariel Zheng '22 - Photography - "Old Ladies"

While Derryfield celebrates 29 works that received recognition by the SAANH this year, a total of 69 works were submitted. It takes tremendous courage to submit artwork for review by a jury of adult artists and educators. Below, we include ALL of submissions for this years program and would like to offer a huge CONGRATULATIONS to all of the 24 DS students who took a risk and submitted their work this year!

Abby Stark '23
Andrew Watson '21
Ari Yang '24
Ariel Zheng '22
Ashley Hardner '23
Ava Young '23
Erin Caparrelli '21
Jack Schroder '23
Jaisen Soundar '23
James Rogers '23
Jason Wang '22
John McDevitt '23
Lane Daniels '24
Maya Marsden '22
Mitch Regan '23
Parker Fey '21
Ruby Amorim '22
Ryan Barto '21
Sophia Smith '21


Created with images by Pexels - "color concrete design" • Pexels - "background desktop gradient" • Unknown - "Watercolors Rainbow Colors Lilac · Free photo on Pixabay"