Emperors Domination Presented by Mikhail Beresnev

Author: Yanbi Xiaosheng_______________________________________ Date of translation Released: October 16, 2016_______________________ Current amount of chapters translated: 335__________________________

The story starts out with the main character waking up from his 30,000 years sleep. The main character was known as Dark Crow before returning into his human body after his sleep to have the new name of Li Qyie. He existed since around the start of time an has near immortality. Through an incident, he lost his human body, however, while preparing to return to a human body, he has prepared countless of treasures for himself, as well as gained hundreds of millions of years of knowledge, while at the same time, raising and creating gods and human beings called Immortal Emperors. Immortal Emperors are human beings that carry "heavens will" and become the strongest of their era, conquering the Nine Heavens and the Ten Earths. After returning into a human body, Li Qyie starts his journey to become an Immortal Emperor with his countless treasures, godly knowledge and powerful subordinates.

I like the book "Emperors Domination" because the main character is unmatched in the book and is able to completely cover for his arrogant attitude with his power. I also like to read about the reactions of the observers as he keeps performing impossible acts, as well as doing things like using the God of Calamity as a mount and the princesses of empires as simple maids.

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