Current Events: India by samantha Tsai


How does Hinduism affect Poverty?

Paragraph/Summary Answer

I found that the caste system is one of the main causes of poverty. The caste system was made to separate the different spiritual levels. But it turned into a way of bullying and discriminating people over something they have no control of. The Dalits or Untouchables are the lowest caste. Many of them switched religions because they were being treated unfairly. Trash and mud was thrown at them and many people called them disgraces. The highest caste called Brahmin think that poverty and sinfulness are the same thing. They also think that poverty is the person's fault for being too lazy or for not making good decisions. Many jobs and opportunities are not offered to the lower castes and non-hindus can see Brahmins as slave holders.

Poverty in India

National poverty standard: $17 a month for urban citizens, $14 a month for rural citizens

Average: $15.50 a month, $0.52 a day

Over 271 million below poverty standard

291.86 million or 23.6% of population earn less than $1.25 a day

Hindus believe:

-poor people do not think first before making decisions

-poor people cannot control their money

-poor people do not have money and they are satisfied with that

-poor people have lots of children

-poor people are sinful


-If you are in the higher castes (Brahmin, Kysatria) people treat you like gods and you make lots of money.

-Many Hindu Temples have charities that collect money for the lower castes.

-Hinduism is not a bad religion. There are just a few flaws just like everything else.

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