For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 6:23

Late last year when we had our strategic planning for 2017, after taking time to pray and ask God for direction. We believe that God calls us to evangelize the lost in Tacloban.

It was in this month that we decided to do God test in every campuses here. The God test is a tool to help us begin a dialogue on the critical issues of faith, skepticism and the meaning of life. By using this, we ask several questions that will reveal how deep or shallow they know God. In hope that we will be able to engage them with the goal of preaching the gospel.

Grade 7 students from Leyte National High School. The first group we preached the gospel, gladly they receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.
This is Rudolf a grade 11 student, sharing about his personal testimony before he came to know Jesus and the life he has now that he is in Christ.
Sometimes we find it awkward approaching random people to talk about our faith. In doing this outreach I realized that it slowly increased my compassion for people. Yes, it's true that not all of them will receive Jesus. But I know that I am doing what God called us to do, to be part of the great commission. While asking questions to students I get to understand how shallow they know God is. I get to understand that despite they believe in God, they don't find worthy to receive eternal life because they never fully met God's expectations to them. That increased my compassion for them. It gave me a new level of motivation to preach the gospel to many more students because this is the only answers to every challenges and unbelief they have. I can't wait to tell them that it is only through relying in Jesus we can receive eternal life.
It is always a joy to go and make disciples of their campus with this team.

Prayer Points

1. Pray for the students who received Christ through God test campaign that they will continue to walk with God. Be plugged in to our discipleship groups.

2. Pray for more leaders to rise up in every campuses.

3. Pray for provision for Unashamed Conference in Manila happening this August 2017. Pray for wisdom as we plan fundraising activities for the students.

Thank you so much for your consistent support and prayers. Know that I always include you in my prayers. You are part of this ministry.

Katherine Villanueva

Campus Missionary, Every Nation Ministries

2F F. Mendoza Commercial Complex Building II, Burgos St., Tacloban City



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