Bald Eagle Jet rawlings & Cade Stout

The Bald Eagle has mad a comeback over the last 40 to 50 years. Efforts have been made to protect it. This graph from the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania shows the increase. It began as a little growth, then transitioning into steady and quick growth before leveling off at carrying capacity due to limited resources.

Yearly behavior of the bald eagle varies based on where it lives. It lives in certain areas year round, while other populations fly South for the Winter and fly North in the Summer. Eagles emigrate from the population during certain times of the year and immigrate back into the population after. During breeding season, they migrate North increasing the population in Maine and Canada. They migrate to and from Canada and the United States depending on the season. The changing seasons drive their yearly migration.

The Bald Eagle birth rate and the population increases with the availability of resources. This food web shows their diverse diet. They breed in Canada further North and their food is found in Canada during the Summer. They are also found in the United States during the Winter Months. Their main source of food is fish, but also comes from rodents, rabbits, small birds, and even small reptiles.

The death rate has not outnumbered the birth rate causing a rise in population before beginning to level off. Most are caused by accidental trauma resulting in injury. Many die from gunshot which despite lowering over the last several years, can still be eliminated. Electrocution and poisoning are other main causes of death.

Two density-depend factors are competition for resources with other bird of prey species such as the Hawk and Falcon. They also occasionally have a shortage of food and resources which limits the population.

Two density-independent factors can be drought and abnormal, inclimate weather, and human hunting and habitat destruction.


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