There is only one... the collective channelled by lesley curtis

There is only one and it is you. You are one. We are all one. So does it not stand to reason that as you care for others and as you soothe and as you heal others and as you embrace others, you must embrace yourself; for you are one also?

We are all one; there is no separation.

Love is everywhere and you must find it within your heart to forgive yourself; to forgive others and to embrace yourself in all your glory; to see what others see when they look at you.

There is only love and love is abundant and it is you.

Well-Being through Sound, Song, Voice & Meditation

If you would like your own channelled message, wherever you are in the world, here are the contact details.


M: 07850 865047

Created By
Lesley Curtis


Created with images by realworkhard - "cereals field ripe" • Olga_968 - "chamomile flowers bloom"

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