Horses The Living Weapon

A horse is a powerhouse of an animal. They used to be the greatest weapon and form of transportation. Even modern America is greatly affected by horses.
Horses are fast runners. They can run at 25-30 miles per hour.
Horses seem to be built for hard work. They weigh about 2000 lbs, are strong, slender, and have large lungs and heart for a powerful gallop.
Horses have great senses. They can turn their ears to hear from all directions. They have great vision during the night and day. On top of all of this, they have the longest life span of all of the big 5.

During the conquest of North America, horses were one of the most important factors during battles, and led to a lot of new technology.

During the conquest of North America, cavalry was the winning factor of many battles. During the wounded knee massacre, u.s. cavalry massacred over 300 Siouxs.
During the conquest of North America, horses were the main type of transportation. During the westward expansion, horse technology like covered wagons, aided the Americans on their travel west.

Horses were extremely important for victory during battles, and transportation across North America during the conquest. The current U.S. army replaced horses with units like planes and helicopters. However, the legacy of horses remains with the army. The modern units are called air cavalry. Horses were also replaced by cars and planes for transportation. Although horses are no longer the most popular form of transportation, they are still ridden for recreation.

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