Being 15 in Czech Republic Tucker Havel

It is surrounded by Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland
It is 30,450 miles squared.
In 1989, Czechoslovakia returned to a democracy through a revolution. The country then split into Czech Republic and Slovakia.
The capital, Prague, was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire.
Being 15 in the Czech Republic is very family, home, and education based.
It seems simple, but in the long run, it looks is if it can get tough. Their lives focus on balancing family, home life and school life. There is tempting free education, but family is close and important in this culture.

With The Family in the Czech Republic........

it is common to see extended family in the household, with grandparents as the most common,
to see children help with the chores to keep the consciousness of cleanliness at ease,
and, when the kids go out to socialize, their parents want constant communication of where they are, where they are going, and who they are with (Our Students From Czech Republic).
This explains that families are closely connected with each other and will learn at a young age to help at their own will.

What about schooling and education?

All education is free in the Czech Republic, including secondary school, and it is very encouraged that all kids use their opportunity of free education, by law, until at least 15 years of age (Aspects of Culture - Czech Republic)
This can say that these students have the ability to educate themselves to a great extent. This can also help these individuals learn to lead a life of their own and maintain it without struggle.
So now that you know that teens have enough responsibility to do at home, there is required schooling to go through, making it hard to balance their life between family and school. It is very tempting to take free education over chores, but the elders can´t do everything for you. So balancing and prioritizing is vital in this culture.
While I did research, I made a connection. I made the connection through understanding that my life at home is very similar to a teen from the Czech Republic.
I am required to do chores at home.
By law, I have to go to school.
My parents always wonder where I am, who I´m with, and where I´m going.
This proves that it´s not uncommon to see czech heritage be brought in to the family mix, because it´s sensible. It breaks up work among family members, and it keeps the education values high, along with constant communication amongst themselves.
So, being 15 in the Czech Republic is very known by everyone, it´s just not recognized easily as czech heritage and culture. There is a strong family connection, and school is valued greatly. Work at home is divided up among family members as well. So now that this information is shared with you, how many czech traits are in your family?

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