ZINNY Singer-songwriter/PRODUCER

Genre- Rnb/soul with Afro infusion and everything I'm inspired to write about

Skills - singing, performing, songwriting, audio engineering.


Unique, soulful and revolutionary artist; Zinny is a solo artist making her mark on the global music scene. She’s is at the breaking out stage of her music career though she has been involved in music her whole life.

Sensual and candid describe her style perfectly. With her songs often having a somber but positive feel empowers the listener to keep going no matter how hard life gets. The songs you can kick back and relax to after a long day or to keep you calm during the tough times of life.

Zinny often explores concepts of "the mind" in her songs — the way a person thinks, reasons, perceives, wills, and feels as relating to music making. Her influences span across various eras, resulting in a sound that can’t be be boxed to a certain genre, she lets her music fly and in her own word " I am a creative let me create for anyone, if i feel like rapping: I will Music isn't one genre, its all.

Current projects

Zinny put out her first solo release, “The way you make me feel” in Oct of 2012. The single showcases the artist's soft but impressionable vocals. From the opening line to the catchy rhythm of the chorus, this love song was a favorite and a good opener to her music career.

She takes influences from artists all across the spectrum. From Nina Simone, Betty Wright, and Brandy; to Freddy Mercury, Lauryn Hill, and Fela. Her music takes on an entire form of its own without genre boundaries. Often looking at life as moments we must cherish, Zinny's songs touch on controversial subjects whilst still crafting a chill vibe every time.

These days she’s getting back in touch with her roots. Her latest single "Second Chance" signifying the end of an era where she will stop trying to cater to what everyone wants to hear and instead create what she wants from a place of passion. She’s inspired by stories, sounds, and experiences in life, often touching on her struggles of growing up as a girl child in Nigeria along with other issues such as depression. Zinny is due to release her second EP in January of 2021, with her latest single and video out on the 26th of August 2020.


Fusing pop-perfect melodies with infectious Afro-beat rhythms and socially conscious lyricism, Zinny is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Nigeria. To date, she’s released over sixteen singles and a debut EP, with her highly expected second EP in the works. Her style takes the softly soothing melodies of R&B and infuses it with a highly danceable African-inspired backbone. Zinny’s song often speaks on issues difficult to talk about.

Created By
Zinny Toth


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