Six Of Crows By: Leigh Bardugo

Ketterdam is a New York like city in the mythical world of Six of Crows which is mainly controlled by gangs. The city as people called Grisha and they have powers, Some of them use their powers for bad and some use it for good. Ketterdam is located in present time and within the island nation Kerch . Ketterdam reminds me of Chicago in the 1920's in the fact that the city is kind of gloomy and controlled by gangsters.
The island nation Kerch is in the middle of the great sea which is surrounded by great beasts protecting it from external threats. The city Ketterdam is densely populated with dark threats and gangs protecting it. Fifth harbor is controlled by Kaz and his gang, Fifth harbor use to be a shipping dock for rare metals but Kaz and his gang took it over and turned it into a casino
The novel takes place during summer in the present and I imagine it to be dark and a terrified city but with excitement because of the people with powers doing good and bad. Also I think that it also would be terrifying to live in Ketterdam because of the constant threats of gangs, mobs and bad people with powers
Ketterdam is located within Kerch which is inside the Great Sea The Island Nation is within two other countries on the east and west of Kerch. The weather in Kerch is mostly sunny because the fact that the nation is an island and the climate is mostly warm but with a lot of rain.
The city Ketterdam is densely populated becuase the nation reminds me of New York city in the way that it is the nations capitol. There are skyscrapers, mobs, buildings, Malls, Apartments. Everything that makes it a metropolis.
The objects in this book are advanced in the terms of technology and how the city functions. Some of the more important objects in this books are the weapons. Most of the weapons are modern including fully automatic rifle, snipers and revolvers. Some of the other importantll weapons are the medicine that the medics in Kaz's gang carry around such as vaccinations, bandages, stitching, defibrillators and much more
The way that Ketterdam is marketed as is a gloomy city that is controlled by gangs with crime and sadness but with excitement because of the amount of people who do both good and bad for the city. But Ketterdam is also tense becuase of the amount of the drug enhances Grisha's powers and bad people are becoming worse and vise versa.
The settings effect helps the book feels like that the city needs to rescued and how the characters tie to the book because of their sad backgrounds. The setting also helps with the trouble of the city and the outburst of the drug that is causing all these powers. And the crows have to help the city.


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