Project reflection

Welcome to my last mandatory journey log. In this excerpt I would like to do a continuation of what I talked about last week. Which was basically a brainstorm for my villains sanctuary, along with explanations of my idea's. Well since than and now, I am very proud to say that I have built what I would characterize as a suitable home for Ramsey Bolton. Today I would like to reflect on my whole building process along with the creation of my very first Mind Craft youtube tutorial, or tour.

When I was first introduced to this process I thought that it was kind of stupid. Why would we be doing something like this in an English class? Yet as I began the process I realized why very quickly. This was a great opportunity to show creativity in a curriculum that can be guarded at times. Not so much your class Chris, just English courses in general. To start off the project responsibility for me was definitely prominent. I felt that I needed to build something that would fit the character of Ramsey Bolton. Something that speaks his personality without explanation. At first it was a bit daunting, along with the fact that I was going to have to use a system that I sucked at. To be truthful I sat down in the library basement in my own cubical, popped an Adderall, and got into it. I know this sounds dumb, probably for you especially but going into this I though that it would take me over eight hours to do. I even started my castle by building a brick by brick tutorial I found on youtube. Which I later destroyed and built my own version because that process was awful.

In the begging I ran into a lot of trouble with my build. In fact just to carve out the building ground took me around fifty minutes. From there it was kind of awkward with a lot of mistakes that I continuously corrected. It was in the early stages of my build where persistence played a huge role. I had this magnificent idea of this castle in my mind, yet as I continued I kept thinking to myself that i'm putting in way too much work into this. I should just build a small castle, one or two stores tall and call it a day. Yet I knew that I wanted to build something I was proud of and as I continued I became better and better at Mind Craft. Building became fun rather than a hassle and then I really got into it. Creating my own structure without outside help was extremely satisfying. The mere shell and interior floors/steps took me around three hours, and then the Adderall definitely helped me with the details of the castle. Which made the interior especially look great. I probably showed my castle to around twenty five people because I'm honestly really proud of it. Which in retrospect a week ago this thought process would be foreign to my mind. I even showed my mom my build, which should truly sum up just how proud of this I am.

The last phase of my project thus far is another reason why I loved this project so much. Using adobe premiere was foreign to me going into this process. And as you might have guess, again a little intimidating. I basically self taught myself how to use it because I zoned out in class unfortunately when you were going over it. Nothing personal, just my own problems I guess. Anyway I used youtube to kind of learn the ins and outs of premiere from a beginners level. Going forward, throughout my school career I can guarantee that I will use the program again. I was very impressed by the soft wear and how user friendly it was. In the end I look forward to continuing my rhetorical analysis, having got so much out of it thus far.

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