dear,jakey by destiny

How have you been?i hope all is well,It's been little while that Family and I have been in the in the internment camp.The internment camp has been okay.Well I would have to say it’s a big change.

Papa has been kinda violent lately to mother.But Mother has been patient with me and my siblings.My siblings have been good with mother.Also new news Mother should be the first member of our family to make amends with Papa,And Papa is now the first-generation of Japanese immigrant with a strong sense of honor.Besides that My sibling Woody has fatherly with My brothers and takes charge and ahead when Papa is detained for a year at Fort Lincoln.My other sibling and my close brother kiyoi,he is shares many experiences with me.I'm sure you remember My oldest sister Eleanor well she left the camp with her husband and gave birth to a baby.

The other day mother asks Woody to cover the cracks because of the dust,he promises to patch the cracks with scrap lumber but she is not satisfied with all the conditions.Woody promises to make the repair job better and then goes out to see what is for breakfast.Then Kiyo jokes that it will be hotcakes with soy sauce and then Woody says it will be rice with maple syrup and butter.Almost nothing works in the camps, and the kids are always sick due to typhoid immunizations and food spoiled by inexperienced cooks and poor.Me and Mother try to use the bathroom in another block but then found out that the toilets are overflowing onto the floor.

I'm starting to miss every thing where we used to live,like the birds and not having to worry about my parents be stressing.And well now everyone acts different .Also would say life has changed since we got here there's lots of things different but the most things that are different I say would have to be unorganized and system that were terrible,there were sand storms that blown through knotholes and threw the doorway.there is lack of privacy that were caused by the crowded conditions.But the goods Things aren't all bad though, and by the second year, life in here starts to improve. Camp becomes better organized, there's a school and all sorts of clubs, and people are permitted to go outside of camp to hike around,but anyway I miss you and I hope to hear from you soon.



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