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Fruit Trees

A project in partnership with Growing Durham, Gibside NT Green Academies Project (GAP) and CEED Charity Street Trees.

With the help of all 3 partners we have planted the following trees; 3 apple, 2 crab apple, 3 damson and 8 wild cherry; these are now doing well and it is hoped that by next year they will be bearing usable produce.

From the start of 2018 we joined forces with Growing Durham (Peter Samson) and Gibside National Trust Green Academies (David Carver) to plant up fruit trees in the village.

The initial planting which took place on a wet and windy January day at the corner of the Cricket Club and new road was successful but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the trees had to be dug up and replanted on the old railway bed on Watling Street.

Trees & Shrubs

A fun but wet day planting small trees, bushes and shrubs around the village.


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