Pro Guide to being a Pro Wrestler By: Vincent Lopez

Welcome to the girl

During Wrestling two giant men prowl around the Wrestling ring looking for a way to attack. Sweat covers thier bodies as the crowd cheers them on. These matches are full of action. They make grand entrances as fans cheer. They run around in flashy outfits, and make grand speeches.

A new type of Wrestling

Professional wrestling began in the late 1800's. Carnival "strongmen" would challenge people to wrestle. They traveled all around the U.S. They turned these matches into big shows that drew huge crowds. These shows had become permanent in big cities.

Heels and Babyfaces

A heel wants the audience to boo him. He will take cheap shots, or use dangerous itmes. Heels will often picks fight with baby faces. They often shout out at fans. Which is called "cheap heat." This gets audiences boing at them and cheering for the babyface. They recieve both sympathy and respect from fans. Many wrestlers prefer being a heel to being a babyface.

Signature Moves

A signature move is what a wrestler is known for. Other wrestlers use the same move, but they often give a slight twist to the move and a different name. Shawn Micheals move is the elbow drop. It is where he lands his elbow into an opponents chest. It is called a the " the people's elboe". It was made famous by the Rock, and Shawn Micheals.

Gimmick Matches

Nothing pleases a crowd more than a gimmick match. In these matches, many of the usual rules are called off. These matches can be really intense. There are ladder matches, steel cage matches, and casket matches. The casket match objective its to get your opponent into the casket. There are many other gimmick matches these are just one of the many.

I picked this topic because, one day I thought I would like to be a wrestler. This book explains everything on how to become a pro wrestler. It gives you the insite on how the Wwe company is, and how to get better.

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