My viewing of The Divine By: Jack Forney


The view from my seat and the lobby of the Constan's Theater

My seat was towards the back and I actually liked it. I usually prefer to sit in the back fro plays and movies because I can see more at once. I hate being too close because you are forced to focus on a much smaller portion of the show. Although you may be able to see more detail in that small area, you are unable to see the big picture. (This is very relatable to the Good Life concept). Overall the size of the auditorium didn't matter. Once the lights were dimmed and the audience fell silent, all I was able to see and focus on was the stage. I could have been alone and not been able to tell the difference.

I believe place plays a huge roll in the Good Life. For one example, you are able to enjoy certain aspects in life better when you are in the appropriate place. For example, the play is better experienced in the theater rather than watching a video version on your phone. It is more authentic and captures your attention better. Also, place can be used to describe what stage you are in in your life. Whether that place is school, a career job, in between jobs, or settled down and starting a family, it is going to have a direct effect on what is required to be living the Good Life.


My friends

I attended the play with my friend in ZTA, who I also knew from middle school, and a couple of her friends. We all met up there and ended up sitting next to each other. However, this really did not affect the experience of the play. We were all focused on the play and really didn't talk during the play. Although it was cool to hang out before, during intermission, and after the play, having friends sitting next to me did not have a huge affect on the actual play. However, it was really cool to have someone to share my feelings after the play. We were able to discuss the play after and kind of get an idea of what we wanted to write in our spark story.

Shared experiences are what makes life worth living. I am a firm believer that human beings need social interactions to stay healthy and alive. What is the point of living if you have nobody to share it with. Even if that somebody is an animal you have as a pet, human beings need companions to get them through the ups and downs in life. I know personally, I always prefer to do things with friends. Even the simple things like grocery shopping are much more enjoyable when you are doing it with your squad.


The playbook and myself in the lobby after the show

I believe the central issue dealt with in the play was finding one's true meaning in regards to what you wanted to with life. For example, the one student at the seminary was clearly more interested in being a playwright/actor than being a priest. He spent the a majority of the play conflicted between his duties as a priest and his duties to himself in regards to his passion for the arts. He had to go tell his favorite actress and role model that she couldn’t perform in his city. He had to tell her she couldn’t fulfill her passion for acting, which he actually shared with her.

Another prime example was the main character who was dropped off by his mother. Throughout the play, I kind of got the feeling that he was at the seminary because that's what his family decided they wanted him to do. His family was more concerned for the social status of having a son in that specific seminary and later becoming a priest then they were even of themselves. The family even went as far as making the younger brother work in terrible conditions which ended up taking a tragic turn.

I actually have a great understanding of what this is like. I came to UF as an engineering student. It was a relatively low risk degree that pretty much guaranteed a very decent job right out of college which pleased my family. Although it was interesting to me, it wasn't really my passion. I ended up realizing that every extracurricular activity I was participating in had nothing to do with my major and everything to do with my passion for music. I ended up changing my major to business, with a goal of pursuing music after college. I am much happier now that I made a choice 100% for me.


The way The Divine provided me with an opportunity for Katharsis was exactly as I stated above. It gives the audience an opportunity to examine their own lives and see if it is really what they want. The play shows in a very extreme and round about way that doing things because other people want you to is not always the best option. After watching the play, I was more motivated to take risks and make life choices that would make me happy. Why compromise my personal long-term happiness for someone else’s short term pleasure? At least that is what I got from it.

Created By
Jack Forney


All photos were taken by me at the Constans Theater

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