October (due out February 13th) is the latest single from Cordelia. Like 2018’s Run with Me, which continues to log streams, it’s moody and ambient pop that sets a vibe and draws you in. The song chronicles an episode of depression while also perhaps hinting at a path out of it. Musically, Cordelia is eclectic. When asked about influences, she cites both Billies – Eilish and Holiday. (Her own middle name is also Billie, very strangely.) She’s also a deeply soulful singer and a finger-picker, too, so 60s and 70s references may also arise.

Cordelia is bi-cultural, born in Malmö, Sweden and transplanted to Southern California as a child. She's been writing and performing her own songs since she was ten years-old, when one of her songs won a national PTA arts contest. More recently, in 2018, she was a contestant on American Idol. About this experience, she smiles wryly and says, “Katie Perry f____’d me over.”

She performs at various venues in Los Angeles and San Diego, including the San Diego House of Blues, the Long Beach Convention Center, December Nights (in Balboa Park), the San Diego County Fair, Genghis Cohen, and many other venues. Cordelia comes from a musical family. Her big sister Cleopatra Degher and her dad Darius Degher are also singer-songwriters.

"October" Coming Out 2/13/20

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