All About... EMOJI'S By: Ashleigh Barnett.

Emoji's can be used for different thing's!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some Emojis are used to show how people feel.Β The emoji's are,πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‡πŸ˜’

You can get a lot of emoji's when you are texting.

AΒ special thank's to Adobe Sparkes.

These are smileys and people!!!

That's all of the emoji's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created By
Ashleigh Barnett


Created with images by Kyle McDonald - "Apple Emoji x t-SNE" β€’ Wicker Paradise - "Emoji Pillows by Throwboy" β€’ mugwumpian - ">:P" β€’ bizmac - "photo.jpg" β€’ joebeone - "you can use emoji as compact, visual labels for iOS 7 folders. neat!" β€’ AskDaveTaylor - "The latest Apple innovation, multiracial emoji. Now you can choose just how much melatonin Santa has / his ethnicity. :-)" β€’ Kyle McDonald - "Apple Emoji x t-SNE" β€’ ShashiBellamkonda - "Catch them young with Emoji" β€’ Alexas_Fotos - "smilies yellow funny" β€’ - "Apple iWork pages emojis"

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