Nicholas Kapetanakis Creative photography

My first photography

Starting out, this class didn't really impress me because I already knew what to do, but as I went on, I had a lot of fun and learned some new and more fun ways to take photos.

Photo editing

The present photos were clearly edited. Editing these photos were clearly an enhancement. With brighter colors and more attention to detail, the photos with edits truly look more vibrant and beautiful.

Photography inspired by

Photography- black and white

Still life photography


These photos are some of my favorite. They hold beauty and simplicity through shadows and a little bit of light. My favorite are the black and white versions because they hold a timeless feel to each one.

Creative photography

My experience in creative photography has been nothing less than memorable. I absolutely love the class and I hope that more people decide to take it in the future. Not only did I learn to take better quality photos, but it truly peaked my interest in photography overall. I believe that this honestly will go down as one of my favorite classes.

Absolute favorite photograph


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Nicholas Kapetanakis

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